Moving FAQ

For items requiring special handling such as copiers, network servers, manufacturing equipment, laboratory equipment and other items like these it is a good idea to check with the equipment supplier to determine what must be done to prepare the equipment for moving. Since these items often require pre-move servicing, make sure arrangements are made ahead of time. Also, your Loving Hand Moving customer service representative may have some advice in moving some specialized items.

The total cost of the move will depend on the kind of service you wish Loving Hand Moving to provide you with, whether you wish for a full or partial packing service, if disassembling or reassembling is needed, the volume of goods being moved and of course the distance you are moving.

Local move is a short distance move that is performed within a city or within a 60 mile radius of your current location. Local move can be performed within a state or between two states. In order for a moving company to perform a move within a state the mover must be licensed by the State Department of Transportation (DOT) or by the U.S. Department of Transportation if the move is between two states.

Depending on the services requested, local move may take a couple of hours or a couple of days. Most of the local moves are charged based on the hourly rate. You will pay for each mover for each hour that work is being done. In addition to this, moving companies will charge for the travel time; one hour each way.

Moving companies offer a variety of packing and material services. You will be charged for the carton boxes used during the move, blankets used to protect the furniture, tape and/or bubble wrap. Some moving companies offer custom wood crating for fragile items such as fine art, antiques, marble and glass.

The level of the liability assumed by movers for the value of the goods that they move varies from company to company. You need to be aware of the amount of protection and the charges associated with each option. Insurance is often the area in moving that people know very little about and as a result make poor choices. The most basic coverage for the loss or damage of the goods required by law is the Basic Carrier Liability. For the local moves, van line is required to “cover” your possessions at no additional charge up to 30 cents per pound (and 60 cents per pound for long distance moves). For example, if a vase weighs 5 pounds, moving company will cover only $1.50 regardless of the value of the piece. If you wish to be paid in full for lost or damaged goods, it is recommended to buy additional insurance.

Loving Hand Moving provide partial and full packing & unpacking service to meet the needs and budget of our customers.

We would recommend you to schedule a meeting with one of our on site estimators (at no cost or obligation) to help you determine the packing service that will meet your needs.