Moving Services

Residential Move (Household Movers)

At Loving Hand Moving, we are well-known for being a Residential moving company or household movers.

Loving Hand Moving takes satisfaction in the fact that most of our customers have come via recommendation from past customers. We know that a satisfied customer is worth more than advertising. We will do everything we can to make sure you will be one of those satisfied customers.

Residential moving company or household movers prices tend to be quoted on an hourly basis and sometimes even a flat rate price will be given. Prices will depend on the volume as well as dimensions of the items that are being relocated, as well as the number of movers that will be necessary. Each and every residential move differs from one another. It truly does not make a difference how big or small the move is, every move is handled with care from beginning to end.

Long Distance Move

We are a professional long distance moving company that understands that a long distance move can be a very stressful situation. The first decision you have to make is to choose a long distance moving company, we have a suggestion, Loving Hand moving. Good now that is done, another very important aspect of an Interstate move is the planning.

Loving Hand Movers will provide you with all the necessary information, which we believe needs to be known by every customer that is having a long distance move. We work closely with every customer to provide efficiency to make sure they have a successful move. By filling out our ‘Free Moving Quote’ you will receive a moving estimate promptly in your email.

Corporate Move

You have made the decision to relocate your business. This corporate move was based on many factors. The up-front planning will determine how successful the move will be.

When an established business makes a corporate move to a new location, the move must be made quickly and efficiently so the business can avoid interruptions to its core operations. A small group of people should be put in charge of these moves. Loving Hand is one of these people.

Commercial Move

What We Do Best!

Whether you’re moving your business along with your home, or if you’re expanding your business to another part of town, our top notch moving services at Loving Hand Moving can take a load off your mind. We’re the experts when it comes to commercial moves — tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Do You Know What Your Business Needs?

Have you recently made a corporate relocation and need some storage space at your business’s new location? No problem! Loving Hand Moving has all the storage space and the support facilities you need after your corporate relocation, no matter what kind of items you’d like to store.