At Loving Hand we serve as a new york city moving company, boston moving company, pennsylvania moving company, new jersey moving company, manhattan moving company, connecticut moving company, colorado moving company, denver moving company, dallas moving company, and texas moving company. below is all the terminology you will need to know to make your move a smooth one.


Accessorial Services:
additional services performed to the usual transportation services such as packing, appliances servicing, unpacking, distribution, assembly and documentation upon by request of the client or customer. there will be additional charges for these services.

company employee that handles and settles claims against the company for cargo and property damage and loss.

an authorized moving company acts on behalf of a larger or national company. the agent may handle the origin, booking, hauling and/or destination services….

Advanced Charges:
kind of charges for services performed by someone other than a mover like craftsman, professional or other third party by request of the client. the mover pays for these services and adds it to the customer’s bill.

Appliance Servicing:
preparing appliances for safe transportation by securing movable parts, cost of a complete disconnection of an appliance at the originating residence and a reconnect of the appliance at the new residence.

authorized pickup.

Average Transit Time:
the average time to deliver an item from one point to another.


Bill Of Lading:
the customer’s receipt of goods and contract for transportation. his/her signature acknowledges that his/her household goods can be loaded on the truck and released to the carrier.

Binding/Non-Binding Estimate:
binding estimate is an agreement made in advance with the chosen mover that guarantees the total cost of the move based upon on the quantities and services shown on the estimate. while non-binding estimate is what the mover’s believes the cost will be, based upon the estimated weight of the shipment and materials requested. this estimate is not binding on the mover. final charges will be based upon the actual weight of your shipment, the services provided.

Booking Agent:
agent who sells and registers your move. the agent does not necessarily have to be located at or near the origin or destination.


goods or produce being transported by a vehicle like van or truck, ship, or aircraft.

company or an individual transporting goods or produce. the company you are dealing with.

Carrier Liability:
total dollar amount the carrier is liable for the loss and/or damage of goods or produce.

statement of loss, damage, or delay of household good shipment while on the custody or control of the carrier or its affiliated agent.

C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery):
the customer pays the moving charges at the time of delivery. for this kind of shipments, ensure to ask if your payment should be in cash, credit or check.

an article being shipped.

Common Carrier:
an organization that transports people, goods, or services and offers its services to the general public under license or authority provided by a regulatory body.

Concealed Damaged:
damages to the contents of a package which is not apparent from the outside of the package.

Concealed Loss:
loss or damage which cannot be verified until the package is opened.

an entity or person that receives the merchandise or shipment of goods which the seller or the shipper sends.

the person at the pick up point which the move originates. seller or shipper of merchandise.

Consolidated Shipment:
merchandise of two or more companies moving as one shipment.

Cubic Foot:
common measure of the truck’s capacity which is equal to 1,728 cubic inches.

Customs Clearance:
procedures and regulations that surrounds the entry of household belongings into another country.


Declared Value:
value of the household items needed to declare when moving. insurance will be based on declared value of good or items.

the place which a shipment is to be delivered.

Destination Agent:
agent located at or nearest the point of delivery of a shipment.

when a customer changes the destination of their shipment after it is en-route. an additional transportation charges might apply.


Estimate, Binding:
a written agreement made in advance with the moving company. guarantees the total cost of the move based on the quantities and services declared on the estimate.

Estimate, Non-Binding:
carrier’s approximation of the cost, based on estimated weight of the shipment and the accessorial services requested. this estimate is not binding on the mover. final charges will be based on actual weight of shipment, services provided and the tariff provisions in effect.

estimated time of arrival.

Exclusive Use:
customer’s request that his shipment be the only one occupying the vehicle.

Extra Pickup/Delivery:
transportation charge usually includes pickup from a single address and delivery to a single address. additional charges are assessed for each stop or call requiring an additional pickup or delivery.

Expedited Service:
an agreement with the mover to transfer household or business goods on a specified date in exchange for charges based on a higher minimum weight.


Flight Charge:
extra charge for carrying items up or down flights of stairs either on the place of origin or at the destination.

Floor Runners:
a cloth runner strip used to protect rugs and floors of shipper’s house.

Fork Lift:
a machine used to move goods loaded on pallets or skids.

anything being transported.

Freight Charge:
payment for the freight transportation services.

Freight Forwarder:
a company that arranges transport and completion of the international documentation on behalf of the shipper.

Fuel Surcharge:
carrier’s tariff provides for a percentage adjustment of the transportation charge to aid in the recovery of the increased cost of fuel. surcharge, which can change monthly, is based on the national average cost of diesel.

Full Service Move:
most common type of move, which the carrier move your household items from your old address to your new address. items are picked up from the originating rooms and placed to the new rooms. full service providers will pack and unpack boxes and hook-up appliances for additional fee.